Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Oracle Card of the Week

 #12 Porcupine - INNOCENCE
From the book "The medicine in this card is that of relief from seriousness and severity.  Open your heart to those things that gave you joy as a child."

Yesterday was a rollercoster day for me. It went from bad to good, then worse to better.  I like to post my oracle card on Wednesdays, but it just wasn't happening.

My card draws were as all over the place as my emotional state! This week I'm using Medicine Cards, but before I drew this week's card, I was about to write some final thoughts on last week's oracle card in my notebook. 

I had to stop and pull my 4 year-old onto my lap.  Out of the blue he starts talking in what I call his Austim Speak. He can be verbal and lucid at times. Other times, like this one, he's being verbal but its noises mixed with real words that are (or seem to be) completely unrelated to anything.

He was saying something that sounded like "What's that wild? I don't <garble> the wild."  He was looking at the end table next to me where the box for the Goddess Oracle was.  On the bottom edge of the box there is a picture of a cat from one of the cards. I asked him about it and it turns out that the cat was "the wild". 
(He knows the word cat...he loves cats.  Go figure!) So, I asked him if he wanted to see the card with the cat on it.  Then little man got really lucid with the language. As I'm taking the book out of the box to get to the cards, he tells me "You read the book out loud. I got the card."  It is rare that he requests being read to.  It is even more out of character that it wasn't one of his books.  The card is about play..."Bast bats at you with her paw to urge you to come and play with her.  It is time to divert yourself with something that is amusing, fun, and totally recreational."  Isn't that cute? I considered, for a split second, taking this as a sign that Bast should be my card of the week.  This idea was quickly rejected and replaced with reminders that the goddess oracle was last week, the medicine cards are scheduled for use on the 4th week of the month.  I must stick to the schedule.  Rules are rules.

When I was finally ready to draw my Medicine Card for the week, my 6 year-old wanted in on the action and asked to pull the card for me.  As soon as I saw that it was Eagle I didn't think it was the right card for me.  I didn't know anything about the card, it just seemed a little grand. Right away I pulled out another one and it was Porcupine.  Again, a card I knew nothing about but rejected immedately!  Porcupine looked like trouble so I wanted to stick with Eagle.

When I got a chance to read up on the cards I realized that Porcupine's message was right on point. (No pun intended.)  Porcupoine & Bast have inspired me to start using May's tarot deck of the month early.  It's Lisa Hunt's FairyTale Tarot, which looks like exactly what I need.   There are some other changes to my deck scheduling I'm going to be making.  I'll post more about that later.

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