Tuesday, April 19, 2011

XIII Death - My Card for the Week

An Unavoidable Ending – Loss – Necessary Change

Okay, my first thought is to deal with that stuff in the ‘fridge. I’m sure this card has deeper meanings for me as well. 

I wonder if this is related to the books I’ve been reading and ideas I’ve had about religion lately.  They are starting to change or at least challenge my beliefs.  The way I look at things.

There’s also the astrological connection I have with this card, me being a double Scorpio.  It’s my rising and my moon sign.

From The Book: “You may be reluctant to throw it away, and you may try to convince yourself that a little mold never hurt anyone, but only a fool would dare eat food riddled with botulism.”

I don’t think my religion is “riddled with botulism”, but it may be a little moldy.  After reading from the little book for this deck I am almost sure this has to do with some of my core religious beliefs. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m intuitive enough to see the writing on the wall, but not spiritually mature enough to read it.

Looks like this is a good card to contemplate this week.

For those who are curious; Matthew Fox's The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, The Green BibleLiving Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity, and the least influential to me, but still interesting The Jesus Papers (this links to someone else's review that I agree with. I'm listening to an audio version I got from the library) 

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