Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Tarot Card of the Week

The Seven of Wands

Challenges - Fighting Back - Crisis
Where are all the warm and fuzzy cards!?!  Oh well, this one is pretty fitting.

I had a serious allergy attack this morning and nothing that I could take for it.  It is time for me to find something that I can take daily.  The season is upon me and if I don't take defensive measures I'll end up with ear infections and sinus infections. Ugh!

The other seasonal battle to deal with is against the bugs!  It was a losing fight last year, but I learned quite a bit about which essential oils repel which critters.  Itsy-bitsy red ants were into the coffee, the peanut butter, the smallest food dripping. They hated the citronella. Big black ants would come into cool off every time we hit triple digits.  They wouldn't cross a line of peppermint.  I can't even talk about the spiders...Blech!! This season I'm already armed and prepared with my own home-made Bug, Be Gone! In 2 scents mint & citrus!

My boys are like Hansel & Gretel with the crumbs, so vacuuming alone isn't going to cut it.  I will arm the perimeters today.

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