Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clearly, I have issues

I went to Target just to get allergy medicine, but I couldn't stop myself.  Yes, I know the notebooks are on the other side of the store. 
These little spiral bound guys have those pockets that I love so much and they match my hardcover daily journal.  Of which I have 3 extra.  Two of those are in a different color combination that I did not get the matching mini spiral notebooks for.   Let's see how long I hold out.

I've added a Tarot Journals page with info on how I use my tarot journals.  If you're interested in what tarot users do with their journals, like I am, check it out. 

If you have a blog or something else where you talk about your tarot journaling or other tarot experiences, let me know by leaving some info in the comments  so I can read about it.

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