Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Tarot Card for the Week - King of Wands

Charisma - Inventiveness - Encouragement
"Brandishing a multi-purpose, five-headed wand he constructed himself, he is full of bold ideas, and his magnetic personality inspires others to partake in his journey to the top."

I have been full of ideas for the last two days.  From home made cleaning supplies to neighborhood nature adventures and projects I can do with our older son while he's off-track from school.  I even had some ideas for my social life that I just took for a daydreaming kind of "What if I could...?" thing.  I believe I might be able to pull off some of these ideas of mine.  I don't think I'm heading to the top of anything, but I do have some interesting ideas that others might want to go along with. 

Funny thing is, I'd first pulled this card while we were sitting in the parking lot, waiting for my younger son to get out of pre-school.  But the 6 year-old just wouldn't stop talking (and I'm not real fond of court cards) so I decided I was too distracted during my shuffling for the King of Wands to really count as my card of the week.

So when we all got home and I had a chance to light my candle and incense and still my mind for a few minutes...I pulled the Queen of Wands. Creative Energy - Ego - Passion  "She is an attentive housewive, but still finds the time and energy to pursue her own interests."  So I'm treating this royal couple together as my cards for the week.

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