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I bought an embarrassing amount of Mead composition books when I decided to start working with a different deck each month.  I thought it would be a good idea to have a different book for each deck and dedicate one page to each card.  This didn’t work out so well.

Giving one of my decks extra attention every month is great. But when I did readings it was getting chaotic trying to write my thoughts on each card in a separate place from the reading as whole.

After the first year of journaling like this I was listening to an archived podcast from The Tarot Connection. Episode 66 with Amy Lamash. She was talking about how she Since I’m not doing an intensive "one deck only" kind of thing, I use my old (or new!) favorites whenever I feel like it.  Like my weekly Housewives – I love that deck!  Now all my readings go into the same book.
did her tarot journals with an index.  She would list the cards in the first couple of pages and number the pages as she wrote.  I love this idea and I’ve been doing my journals this way since January 2011.

I’m doing the same thing with oracle decks as well.  A big 5 subject note book works perfect.  I got one that’s divided by double-sided pocket folders.  So I have my notes for 5 oracle decks in one notebook.  Lovely!!!

Since I’ve developed an obsession with learning to read with non-scenic pip decks, I’ve dedicate a small notebook to those types of decks including playing cards.  I carry this one around in my purse.  I found the cover at a thrift store, but the notebook was from Target.  Extra bonus – it has a clear zipper pocket that I can keep a card or two in!

There are a few exceptions…so far, to the all-in-one journals for tarot and oracles.  Madame Endora’s Fortune Telling Cards, Dark Grimoire Tarot and the excersies that I'm doing with the Psychic Tarot Book. They each have their own books. 

If you’re interested in Dark Grimoire check out my page on that.

Madame Endora just didn’t fit into the 5 subject notebook.  I have trouble reading with this one so I don’t use it for my oracle of the week draws.  Instead I do random readings with it when the mood strikes. I want to keep a record of it hoping that I’ll be able to crack this deck.

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