Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Weeks Tarot & Oracle Cards

7 of Wands
Well, it looks like I might’ve read this one wrong, at least the wrong kind of bugs.  We have been fighting with an irritating cold germ.  No crawling bugs, no allergy attacks. Maybe because I took defensive position to start with, I don’t know?  It hasn’t been too bad, just bad enough to keep us from enjoying the weather over the weekend, and keep me off the computer.

As for my oracle card that I never posted about …
From the Shaman Wisdom Cards #36 Nettle (Masculine-West-Mars-Fire).  Another not so happy-go-lucky card.  This used to be a daily deck for me. It is an odd one, but I’ve bonded with it.  Whenever the Nettle Card would come up there would always be more bickering in my family.  Naturally, I wasn’t too happy to see it pop up as a card for the whole week! 

Since I use nettle on a regular basis in a hair rinse that I make, I was hoping this time the card might have a more literal meaning for me.  Just last week my husband had mentioned to me that when he was young he was extremely allergic to nettle.  He might not be now but I should be careful as allergies can pass to children. I’ve been using this concoction for over a year now, but I was grasping at straws. I made a new batch of hair tea, leaving out the nettle just in case.

In the LWB that came with this deck, the paragraph for each card is written in the voice of the card.  I am Nettle…If properly handled, I offer strength and healing…”, etc.  Except for this one line at the end that is evidently meant to be divinatory.

 “Injury may result from problems or issues that are not properly handled.”

I ignored this since I’ve bonded with this deck.  I know this card.  We have a history.  And I’ve had enough bad news cards!!

I’ll just say this.  We’re lucky the issues and problems were handled properly and no one was hurt.  There were sparks, several loud pops, and smoke. The school had to call an electrician to get the outlets in the classroom to work again, but no one was hurt.  How my kid managed not to electrocute himself I’ll never know.  Our youngest son found a way to get around the barrier of a cement canal with plenty of Spring run-off water at the bottom.  His daddy caught him as he was trying to make his way down to the water.

Angels of the Tarot or whoever may be listening, how ‘bout throwing some warm, fuzzy, fluffy bunny cards at me this week, okay?  Okay.

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