Why I started this blog

Every time I want to get a tarot fix online I drift around to the same sights and forums over and over.  When I try to search for something new I usually only get links to blogs or other websites that are made by professional tarot readers.  I don’t mind that, really, I’d just like to see more random babble from tarot enthusiasts like myself for balance.

So…whatever I’m wishing I could find more of on the internet, I’m going to try to post here.  Hopefully, it will draw the attention of others like myself so I can find their blogs, vlogs, websites or however they’re sharing their tarot obsession. 

Some things I’ll post about in this blog (and what I’d love to know about ) are:

  • Which decks (tarot, oracle, playing cards, etc) I’ve recently acquired.
  • Which deck or decks I’m currently using.
  • Which books I’m working with or studying.
  • Tarot insights, rants & frustrations
  • Daily cards, weekly cards, random cards
  • What random tarot issue is floating around in my head.
  • Which deck I’m really loving right now, whether or not I’m currently using it or even own it.
  • When, why and how I keep my tarot journals – yeah, I have more than one!
  • Other things to do with tarot/oracle cards – crafts (I only have a couple of these and they aren’t very good, show me yours!!), putting cards on altars and other random places where I can see them throughout the day.
  • Mediations, rituals, prayers
  • Cleansings or new deck rituals. 
  • Where do you read your cards?  I love pictures!  I will occasionally post rather unimpressive pictures of spreads and the places I happen to be reading them.
  • Pictures of my deck storage.

Basically anything I feel like posting. :)

What I'm Reading Now

What I'm Reading Next