Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tarot Card of the Week: Judgment

 Assessment – Acceptance – Harsh Criticism
This has got to be one of the top 5 empowering Judgment Cards.

I’m so glad I finally pulled a card that’ll give me something thoughtful to write about in my journal.  Aside from just looking at how this card, from this deck reflects this week.  I can spend the week reflecting on The Judgment card in depth.

I have some tarot audio files I can listen to...one of them is a tarot meditation on XX The Aeon  -Judgment... and of course Meditations on the Tarot.  It'll probably take me a whole week to get through the letter for one card.

For today though, I’m thinking about using my judgment regarding my habits, mental & physical.

I need to drop some bad habits that I’ve recently picked back up. I think I mentioned in a previous post something about Oreo Cookies! Renewing some good habits that were put on the back burner last week is probably a good idea as well.  I hadn’t been doing my yoga stretches (bad for my back) or taking meditation breaks (bad for my mind).

Being overly harsh towards myself about my recent lack of sound judgment isn’t going to improve matters.  I’m a person who really needs to watch their internal dialogue.  There are some very nasty b*#ches in my head.

After writing this post I later went and added this to my daily journal entry about this card:

As I was listening to a tarot audio track about XX The Aeon - Judgment the author (Suzanne Wagner, I think) mentions starting a Pilates or yoga practice in connection with Trump XX.  She associates the spine with this card.  Not an association I make, but in light of my journal entries today on yoga, it did grab my attention.

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