Dark Grimoire Tarot and H.P. Lovecraft

I don't know that I'll ever do regular readings with this deck.  Since I enjoy Lovecraft's stories as well as stories and movies inspired by his work I figured this deck would be fun.  Plus I just love the creepy art!

I mentioned on my Tarot Journals page that this deck gets its own journal.  That's because as I come across Lovecraft related info that reminds me of a card, or a card that reminds me of a story, I'll want to make a note of it.

I've been reading The Complete and Unabridged collection of his fiction. I've already come across some stuff that I think will help me with the deck.  Posts about that will be on my home blog page soon.

I also listen to audio books while I'm doing my housewife duties.  LibrVox has the Collected Public Domain Works of H. P. Lovecraft. I found a really weird site called GreyLodge which has audio of a great reading of Call of Cthulhu, but I can't find it now.  Only audio downloads for The Thing on the Doorstep.

On YouTube I found BrotherEnoch's Channel and he has some interesting commentary on Lovecraft and dreams.  I haven't listened to all of them yet. There are a few stories; Beyond the Wall of Sleep, The White Ship and Polaris, that remind me of the suit of cups from this deck. 

Some sites of interest:
The Cthulhu Lexicon
Cthulhu Universalis
Innsmouth Free Press - Fun site in general
Lovecraftian Tarot Decks (Part 1) an article at Innsmouth Free Press
Dark Grimoire Tarot Review by Judith A. Johnston
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