Friday, April 15, 2011

Reading for Others

I cannot read for my husband.  I’ve tried more than once and with different decks too.  The first time I used Tarot of the Saints. It all made sense and seemed like a clear reading.  But what I saw isn’t at all what happened.  In fact, it was exactly the opposite.  The other times the decks were New Orleans Voodoo Tarot and the Golden Tarot. It was just gobbledie-gook.  None of the cards seemed to have any relation to the question (all 3 readings were work related) or to each other. Recently though, I have had some success with reading for a couple of my friends. 

I don’t want to be a professional reader, but I’d like to be able read for somebody if they ask.  The only time a person has asked me to do a reading for them I was so nervous.  It had been years since I’d read for anybody else and even then it was only a handful of times. I told her that I would try, but she’s a good friend and it would be hard for me to be objective. She’d need to take whatever I saw with grain of salt – good or bad.  The question was health related.

It was a pretty interesting experience because I felt…in the zone, I guess.  The cards were showing me things, good things. And they weren’t always in line with the keywords I'd learned long ago.  I trusted it enough to tell her what I saw. With a repeated warning, since it was so close to what she wanted hear. I used my Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Then I laid out the same cards from Vision Quest because it was the deck I was studying with that month.

A few months later events turned out according to the reading. I was so happy for her. But I wasn’t seeing this, in any way, as a reflection on my ability to read for others.  I did a follow up reading without her asking me to just to see how things would progress. I wasn’t prying, she’s a friend and I needed the practice. This time I was using Deviant Moon.

I used the Celtic Cross spread – which was the one I’d used before.  Again the cards seemed to be clear as bells to me.  This time though, it was the positions in the spread that…became more fluid. I don’t know how else to say it. Once again it was a good outcome predicted, so as a friend and reader, I could hope that I would be right.  I made my notes and waited to see what would happen.

Spot on again!  Especially considering my spontaneous position interpretation. That’s what gave me the nerve to ask a different friend to volunteer. She agreed to let me practice my tarot reading skills on her.  Another health related question and again I saw a positive outcome from her cards. 

I think I was more nervous than before and kept seconding guessing what I saw.  I went by the book this time, but you know how books are, there’s more than one way to take a given card.  Even though I’d actually dreamt about this reading being correct, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was just because I didn’t want to see bad news. 

The other day she told me she received some encouraging test results from her doctor.  Yeah!!  I’m going to do a follow up reading, like I did before, to see how things might progress.  I’ll post it here for anyone who wants a reading to practice with.

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