Friday, April 22, 2011

Practice Reading

This is the follow up reading I'd mentioned doing for my friend in this post. My placements of the cards in the Celtic Cross might be a little different so I'll list them below.

1. What Covers: Queen of Wands
2. What Crosses: 5 of Coins
3. What Is Beneath: 0 The Fool
4. What Is Above: 2 of Coins
5. What Is Behind: XVIII The Moon
6. What Is Before: 9 of Swords
7. Self: VI The Lovers
8. House: XIII Death
9. Hopes & Fears: Knight of Cups
10. Outcome: Page of Wands

Below is my very brief interpretation. 

I think I’m seeing renewed good health as a final outcome in the Page of Wands.  She’s basically a vibrant and healthy person with some health issues. (The Queen of Wands being crossed by the 5 of Coins) I didn’t know how to read XVIII The Moon as the recent past, so I looked to the book:
 “There may be obstacles to overcome, and cycles of good fortune and bad.  Struggle through the darkness and glad times will return.”  
That works for me, I’m not that concerned with the past position for this reading anyway.  She may have some fears about recurrences or relapses of ill health, but they’re most likely unfounded. (9 of Swords) 

I won’t share my thoughts on all the cards to maintain some privacy. 

I thought I should add that I used Kat Black's Golden Tarot for this reading because it is the deck I'm working with this month.  It also happens to be the deck my friend chose for the reading I did for her.

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