Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekly Tarot Card - Queen of Swords

Sharp-Tongued – Stern – Mournful
I don’t see much of myself in the Queen of Swords from this deck. I’m not ‘tough as nails’, I don’t have a ‘cast-iron will’ or ‘razor-sharp wit’.  And I do tend to cry, not in the face of adversity, but certainly behind it’s back! Unfortunately, I can be a total bitch.

I’m sure my boys see the sharp-tongued and stern Queen of Swords in me, especially lately. With the older one off-track from school, the little guy is really not getting why he has to go to school and big brother gets to stay home with mommy.  You’d think I was dragging him off to boot camp instead of a few hours of pre-school!

I do need to check myself though.  I’ve been pretty short with them this week.  With all these ideas floating around, I’ve been trying (quite successfully!) to get my thoughts organized and written down.

It’s one thing to be physically moving around doing stuff or running errands with kids.  They certainly don’t make it easy.  But to sit still for a while and try to think? OMG! It’s like that episode of Family Guy where Stewie just keeps going “Mom, mom, mummy, mummy, ma…ma…ma…”, and the moment he gets Lois’s attention – he’s got nothing to say.

Right now I’ve got so much going on in my head it’s almost manic. I had to write a list so I could go to bed last night (3am!) and not feel like I had to do it all right away or I’d forget.  And still after a lite doze I woke up at 5:58am, lit a candle and wrote some notes for my tarot journal that I’d been mulling over regarding a tarot-tribe podcast I’d listened to earlier.

Some of the different ideas I started thinking about last week are now in the detailed planning and preparation stage. So I’ve been cleaning out old notebooks and day-timers to use.

I came across some good stuff to post about a couple of dreams and trying to use tarot to help me make sense of them.  Just the act of getting my ideas together has given me more ideas. It feels great despite the fact that, I can’t get to most of the on my list.  I know when the time is right, the ideas won’t be lost.

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