Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kurt Cobain & Bohemian Gothic Tarot

It would be way to hard to recount this dream in its entirety. This small part of it is not even the weirdest. 

From my dream journal December 2010:

I have Kurt Cobain and an old boyfriend of mind in a tin can. I am carrying them around an indoor mountain hiking & climbing theme park.  As I hike up the trail I go around a bend to a part that is open air, no ceiling.

Several queues have formed for the mountain climbing part at the end of the trail.  I can see others being helped up an almost 90 degree mountain wall.  There are park employees attached along the wall to make sure everyone gets to the top.  At the top are more employee-helpers pulling people up over the ledge. 

Everyone climbing on the wall-mountain is strapped to one of several long red ropes hanging securely from the top.  This is a safe and easily managed climb, even for someone like me who is terrified of heights.

I can’t carry the guys beyond this point.  I’ll need both hands to climb the wall and even the queue paths are so steep that people are holding on to a metal rail.  I shake the can and tell them they’re going to have to go on their own two feet from here on out.  They don’t seem to want to come out because I’ve really got to shake the can and pound on the bottom to get them to fall out.  I drop a couple drops of water on each of them so they can get back to their full size.

Notes from:
Some key cards from my month with Bohemian Gothic Tarot December 2010
Asking about Kurt Cobain – what did he symbolize in my dream?
IX The Hermit
[like the other random reading notes I didn't write any meanings down at the time. The following meanings are from the companion book to the deck.]
Darker, shadow or more hidden meanings: "Being rejected and isolated by society - Calling someone to the dark side - Being too isolated from others, this could affect your psychological well-being."  

I couldn't help but notice the whole vertical mountain Hermit connection even though the hermit from this deck isn't pictured that way.
From Led Zeppelin IV
Just as an aside: I was more of an Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam fan, myself.  I'd never seen Nirvana live or listen to a whole CD.  Just whatever was played on the radio and TV. When it comes to dead rock stars Jerry Garcia has shown up in my dreams more than once. I wouldn't be surprised to see Janis, Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix, but Kurt Cobain??? Yeah, I had to pull a card for that.

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