Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dreams & The Boheiman Gothic

“T” was my best friend turned nemesis back in high school.  If we were to cross paths in real life I think we’d both pretend not to see the other. It would be awkward if we had to speak to each other.

Frankly she was always kind of a stuck up B, and whenever she would show up in a dream she was true to her real life character.  However, around the time of the following reading, I’d been having clusters of dreams where T, (and other random jerkwads from my past) were nice, kindhearted people and wonderful to me in my dreams.

These weren’t just “nice” dreams, but dreams that left me waking up with a euphoric sense of peace. They also had me scratching my head going “WTF?”  So I pulled some cards. These are the notes, pretty much, as I found them.

Some key cards from my month with Bohemian Gothic Tarot December 2010:

Asking what help/usefulness T. was as a symbol in my dreams?  (How is it helpful to me?)
XVIII The Moon – Six of Swords – XVI The Tower 
[I didn't make any interpretive notes at the time.  I'm taking these meanings from the book as I write this post:]
Mental disturbance, confusion; A shift in perspective, a change in the way you see things; Dramatic change

Asking what does T. symbolize in my dreams?
Page of Pentacles
[I didn't write any meanings at the time & I wouldn't know what to put now either.  If I had to guess I'd pick the following from the darker, shadow or more hidden meanings from the companion book]:
Retreating over-much into fantasy

Nothing about this dream was fantastical except how friendly and happy it was.  Maybe I have deep-seeded wishes to be liked by everyone! :)

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