Monday, May 16, 2011

My Tarot Card for the Week - Four of Cups

Four of Cups
Boredom - Overindulgence - Ennui

So we meet again...

From the very first entries of my journal.
From my journal: 3/12/11
Saturday 5:41 pm (at home with the boys)
"I am not having a good evening. P & I both think writing will help with my boredom issues.  But since I'm alone with the boys I'm not just bored, but frustrated and agitated too.  Don't want to fill this book with bitching & whining. So I pulled a card hoping it would give me something constructive to write about." (It did, it was an oracle card, but that's another post.)

Second entry from my journal: 3/14/11 Monday 3:06 pm (Sitting in the preschool parking lot waiting to pick up A.) "This weeks Housewives card is more than fitting. 4 of fitting it is scary.
'An intoxicated housewife stumbles back from a foolish binge.  Another glass is offered to her, but she wisely refuses it.  the Four of Cups warns of overindulgence...'
Change,  not escape is the answer.' 
"I've chosen not to write about my almost perpetual boredom or the daytime drinking I've been doing (out of sheer boredom not stress) because I want this journal to be ...*Next day- ran out of time, what I'd wanted to write was that I would focus on the "Change" aspect - wish I could've written it yesterday"

The oracle card I pull on 3/15 was Oya - Change, from the Goddess Oracle!!

Back to the Four of Cups.  I had just asked P to pick me up a pint of Blue Skyy. Then I pulled this damn card. Phooey!  Well, I got the Blue Skyy anyway. :) Pulling this card & reading my old journal entries was a good reminder of how much better writing, this blog, my cards, etc., is at fighting off the boredom than vodka is.  Its fun, but offers a diminishing return.

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