Thursday, May 19, 2011

Notes on Random Readings

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d come across some old notes about tarot and my dreams while getting myself organized.  They were all together in the same place, but I’ll post them separately.  That way I can give a short background explanation and then just post the notes as I wrote them, bad English and all!

I can’t remember if this first one was dream related or not, but it was with the others. At the time I wrote this my deck of the month was Robert Place’s Vampire Tarot and I was also working with the Mystical Lenormand deck.  I wanted to experiment to see how the cards of both decks might work together.

11/11/10 3:23 pm

Q: "Are there any ancestors or other spirits that want to work with me?”
1 Card draw – Vampire Tarot (Robert Place) & Mystical Lenormand

Six of Knives (Swords)
Dracula sails in the Demeter “…going with the flow or being driven by a situation that is beyond one’s control.”
Six of Swords is Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury = #1 Rider (9 of Hearts)
Aquarius = #16 Star (6 of Hearts)

Rider + Star = Work done/performed at night MdV [Mario dos Ventos; The Game of Destiny]

Star + Rider = Receiving messages from the spirit world (not directly but via other people). MdV

MdV Macumba meaning: Mystical & Spiritual Card Combinations:
The Rider + The Star = Astral Travel

-         Could also mean a nice pleasant and charming young man wants to speak with me at night! {from the spirit world or in the spirit not a motel! Ha!}

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