Saturday, March 26, 2011

Psychic Tarot & Celtic Tarot

On March 17, I went to B&N to pick up Psychic Tarot by Nancy Antenucci. After listening to her interview on Beyond Worlds and reading some reviews, I decided to give it try. While I was there I checked out the bargain books bins and found The Celtic Tarot Kit. 
I'm always look there for inexpensive fun tarot kits, but I’ve never gotten lucky before.  Not thinking at all about the date I impulse bought, something I rarely do. Not knowing anything about the deck or what the art was like, the price was right so I just went for it.
When I showed it to hubby, he said “Oh yeah, for St. Patrick’s Day…neat.” Yeah, that’s right…I put that much thought into it, dear.  It’s in honor of your ancestors so it’s okay that I spent more then I meant to.
Turns out the pips aren’t scenic, which is something I am currently fixated on.  I love this deck!  I’ve been working on figuring out my own reading technique for decks like this. I am determined to use my new Marseilles style decks only for reading for others.  For my personal readings, journaling and mediations, I use my illustrated decks.  But I need to work with these types of pips before I can do a reading with them. Total conundrum.

Now I’ve got this really interesting looking book. I could use my other decks with it however; when I get fixated I’m not too keen on forcing myself to switch gears.  I am engrossed right now with learning to read pip cards. Kismet had me find this deck on the same day I picked up the book – so I will do all the exercises in it with my new Celtic Tarot!

Since I’m not new to tarot I could never do the exercises without preconceived ideas about the images on the cards.  One of the first things the book says to do is “put away all reference and definitions books.” Can’t put them out of my head! Overlaying images from memory of other decks seems pointless. When it comes to reading pips I am a newbie, so it works out perfect!

Here's a spread I did working with the four suits.
The Essence Spread (Part One).

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