Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Card for the day - XX Judgement

I've been using the LWB app to pick my daily tarot card. Most days I want to look at the card from different decks.

I'm using my iPod touch to upload this post so I don't know how it'll look with the images. (btw - it looked like crap, so I changed it on the computer whick keeps locking up!)

This morning got off to a rough start trying to get my older son to school. So The Dagger from Madame Endora is right on the money. (He was being such little tool!)

I'm hoping the rest of the day reflects the Judgement card. "Heed the herald’s call. Deep satisfaction with what you have achieved. A current project will draw to a close, but an exciting new one will commence. A dramatic life-changing and positive experience. ". Minus the "dramatic" part, I don't care if it's good or not - I've had enough drama for one day!

I had a couple other decks in mind for this card. Since my mood was dark already Bohemian Gothic came to mind. In fact it is the image I've got as wallpaper on my lock screen.

One of my favorite Judgement cards is from Tarot of Trees. I'm thinking I'll put that card in my dresser top somewhere so I can see it all day. That should help brighten my mood.

I'm studying a card a week, using the same card from 7 different decks. This week it's The High Priestess. Today's High Priestess is brought to you by. "The Afro-Brazillian Tarot". Which features Nana Buruku; "Orixa of rain, she keeps the atmosphere clean and protects women during childbirth." I found this on wikipedia..."She is celebrated as Nanã in Brazilian Candomblé Jejé and Candomblé Ketu, where she is pictured as a very old woman, older than creation itself; as Nana Buruku, primordial swamp spirit in Orisha tradition."

Some updates: My month with the Vanessa Tarot was kind of a bust. I did one 10 card reading for myself that was really helpful and I carried her around with me everywhere in my purse, I love a deck in a tin! I was even shuffling her often, but I never had the urge to read with it. Not even one carders.

It may have been more about the space I was in than the deck itself because I wasn't up for being very introspective. I knew what was going on with me (with all of us) internally and I had no desire to document it or peer too closely at it.

So I decided to swap decks and I'll revisit Vanessa next year. I spent my time instead with The Golden Tarot of the Renaissance aka the Estensi Tarot. It had been calling out to me and was just what I needed. Because it's not like any other deck really, I just spent the time memorizing the keywords from the LWB. It makes more sense than I thought it did when I originally bought this deck. I enjoyed making connections between the keywords and what's pictured on the cards. Still haven't read with it yet, but I'll keep you posted. :)

About the reading I did with the mini Marseille for/about my husband going back to school. There was way more trouble and drama and obstacles just to get him registered and set up with books than there should've been. At one point we'd both figured it wasn't going to happen, at least not this year. But it all worked out. Now we're just going through the expected upheaval that anyone would predict. Even without a deck of cards!

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